Posted by: animalshelterveterinarian | September 5, 2011

Loving being in Mexico

Day 10 in Cabo San Lucas and I had a wonderful morning volunteering again with the Los Cabos Humane Society staff.  My day started at 5:30 am with me brewing Mexican coffee and staring into the darkness that obscured the booming Pacific ocean.  I got up early enough to take this picture of the sunrise as I walked through the resort to meet Evaristo with the humane society van at 7 AM.  Here are a few pictures of the receiving kennels and the outdoor cat display rooms and cat isolation and the dog play yard.  The over-riding physical sensation of being in Cabo San Lucas in late August is HOT and HUMID.  I sweat just sitting outside.  Imagine how the dogs and cats feel sitting in a cage with no way to get away from the flies, fleas and heat!

  There is alot the local millionaires (for example, timeshare developers) could do to make the lives of these animals better.  Installing overhead misters to cool the kennels and communal rooms could lower the temperatures in the cages by 10 degrees immediately.  Providing the shelter with the resources to buy enough flea and tick control for every animal would make a huge difference in their comfort level. Examples of effective flea and tick control products include Promeris and Advantix.

We went to San Jose del Cabo to a private home to spay and neuter some pets, but there weren’t enough animals available.  What we ended up doing instead was picking up some stray cats and a stray puppy (severely infested with ticks, infected with Ehrlichia and severely anemic) from various locations and going to see the port at  San Jose del Cabo.

A major medical problem here is tick-infestation of dogs and attendant tick-borne parasites, like Ehrlichia.  So many ticks are present on these dogs that after examining only 8 dogs today (at home I typically examine from 24-30 animals per day) I washed 3 ticks off myself tonight at 10:30 PM!  Thank goodness the ticks were dead.  Hopefully they’ve been dead for several hours since I went swimming twice this afternoon.

At the port of San Jose del Cabo, which is tiny but gorgeous, is an enormous palapa hut furnished with granite topped tables, state of the art pull-down faucets and marble flooring dedicated to cleaning fish.  Who built this fish-cleaning palace? The answer rhymes with lexican hovern tent. LOL. 







Here is a photo (listed from left to right) of the Mexican government veterinarians Cristobal and Erikkson with Rebeca Serano and her friend, Carla, at the port.  Tomorrow’s post will be about MY perfect day in Cabo.



  1. Dr. Juli — you’re doing an awesome job helping the less fortunate animals of Mexico! : ) So excited that you started a blog as well. Now I can hear all about your adventures.
    ~Jewel, Chopper, Lucy, Mel, & newest addition: my daughter Everly Grace : )

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