Posted by: animalshelterveterinarian | September 7, 2011

My perfect day in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Got up at 8 am, drank fresh brewed Mexican coffee, which is excellent, on my patio listening to the ocean waves boom. This is my favorite palm tree and it’s about 10 feet from my patio. The beach and pacific ocean are beyond it.

While enjoying my coffee, I studied my HTA® book and updated flashcards for myself, then walked to the lobby to sign up for the shuttle to the airport.  Along the way I took pictures of my favorite fountain, favorite colors of vinca flower, peach-colored oleander and view from the lobby. From there, I went to the chapel and meditated to visualize my chakras.  I had a significant spiritual experience meditating on a beautiful golden vessel displayed on the altar.  After meditating, I took some pictures in the chapel.  I didn’t even see the bright bands of blue and orange on the ceiling beams as I was taking this picture of the stained glass window but I gasped in surprise when I looked at the image on the camera.  What does that pattern mean?

I ate an English muffin for breakfast with avocado slices, then took a  walk down the beach to the black rocks, admiring the raw power in the waves, the color of the water, and listening to my iPod and making plans for the future.

After that I went to the Main Pool.  I floated face down and watched the wave patterns around my body.  I played bingo at the pool and won the ‘blackout’ round and a free drink!  After that I took the free cooking class and learned how to make Pueblo Bonito Flank Steak with Roasted Potatoes and Broccoli at La Nao restaurant.  Our chef, Gary, is clearly a fantastic cook and Israel, our activity guide, was a terrific and funny host.

After that I Skype’d Jim.  He got some terrific news on a phone call today.  That balanced out his annoyance at the damage Mitsy has done at home, breaking a sprinkler by chasing rabbits and chewing up one of the new leather ottomans.  A few hours later, I went back to La Nao for dinner after having my free Corona poolside.  I saw my new friends from Ireland, and their luggage had finally caught up to them.  It was steak night, Gary was cooking, and all the food was sublime.

The memory of the mashed potatoes now makes my mouth water and the steak melted in my mouth.  Except for the butterscotch gelatin and the chocolate mousse cake, both of which were rubbery, it was the best meal I’ve had in Cabo this trip, although our dinners at Missiones de Keno and Romeo e’ Juliet were also fantastic.

Walked back to my room, here is one of my favorite views of the ocean, and packed up my stuff. I’m leaving tomorrow!  Tonight I watched not-so riveting episodes of NCIS and Criminal Minds and wrote my blog text.  I’m so sleepy and full of food I won’t be making it back to the Manila Bar, which is the free Wi-Fi area, to make good night phone calls to Jim and Sean.

I’m so grateful that I had a perfect day today consisting of the spiritual experience meditating in the mosquito-free chapel, a walk on the beach, time to relax and play at the pool, connecting with Jim via Skype, and a memorable dinner.





  2. Wow! I’m so envious…your day sounds simply wonderful! : ) Glad you had such a nice wrap-up of your time down south. Safe travels home!

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