Posted by: animalshelterveterinarian | September 26, 2011

My 47th birthday

What I did for my 47 th birthday. Well, I was informed I needed to be up and about by 6:15 am to receive my presents since Brendan would be leaving for work by 6:30.  Got a cup of coffee, and received one of Jim’s shirts from Jim.  Oops, he wrapped the wrong present.

Received a wonderful card from Brendan and Liam and the entire cast of the “Big Bang Theory”, my favorite TV show, and a 7 cup capacity Cuisinart food processor. WOW! I really wanted a food processor, no, I really did.

From Jim I received a butter yellow summer dress (I hope it fits) from J. Peterman, a FLIP video camera, and an extra hard drive for my computer.  And dinner from San Sei restaurant, which was very thoughtful and sweet. Love their spicy pork, brown rice and vegetable kabob.

I worked all day  which included spaying a very sweet little dachshund, neutering a cat and removing an ear polyp, and diagnosing and treating 1/2 a dozen kittens for  ear mites.

After work I went to see Amielle for acupuncture and Healing Touch therapy.   Since I haven’t seen her since before I left for Cabo San Lucas, we had a wonderful time catching up.  While she was working on me, I had a significant insight about my chronic sinus pressure and pain, which had been building throughout the day today.


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I found it very difficult to break up the congestion in my right maxillary and ethmoid sinuses, even though I was holding that intention while Amielle concentrated there.  Finally, as the sinuses opened, I had a vision of a large moth fluttering free from my face.  I saw it coated in snot.

The moth was from my memory, a sad memory about which I felt helpless.   A member of my family took a  large, beautiful, exotic moth I had found and  pinned it to a post in our backyard, which was not what I had intended at all.  The extraordinary moth was probably migrating through the Midwest, because she was definitely not a native.  She was unlike anything I had ever seen before, but now trapped and physically damaged by the pin.  When that family member left, I removed the pin, but she could no longer fly.   I tried to feed her, but she couldn’t coordinate eating or drinking either.  So she layed her eggs on the ground in Illinois and died.  I felt ultimately responsible for her senseless death.

I believe that vision means my sadness and sense of responsibility was mired in my facial energy.  I told her, the moth,  how sorry I was and let her go and wished her well.  I hope and believe my sinuses will be more open from now on.  Time will tell.


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